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A Taste of Yiddish 8.31

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this week's proverb
ווען איינער האָט אויף וואָס צו שרײַען און ער וויל שרײַען נאָר ער קען נישט שרײַען – דאָס איז דאָס גרעסטע געשריי פון אַלע

ven eyner hot af vos tsu shrayen un er vil shrayen, nor er ken nit shrayen – dos iz der grester geshrey fun a'le

in English
when someone has what to cry about and wants to cry out but is unable to cry out – that is the greatest cry of all (Rabbi of Kotzk)

in Hebrew
כאשר יש לאדם על מה לצעוק ורוצה לצעוק, אך איננו יכול לצעוק - זוהי הצעקה הגדולה מכולם (הרבי מקוצק)

אַז מ'קען נישט העלפן מיט געלט, דאַרף מען כאָטש העלפן מיט אַ קרעכץ

az m'ken nisht helfn mit gelt, darf men khotsh helfn mit a krekhts

in English
if you can't help out with money, you should, at least, help out with a krekhts* (R' MM of Kotzk)

in Hebrew
אם אתה לא יכול לעזור עם כסף לפחות תעזור עם אנחה (ר' מ''מ מקוצק)

*What is a Krekhts ( taken from the book 'The Joys of Yiddish' by Leo Rosten)

Krekhts, Krekhtsn (infinitive verb)
  1. To grunt, groan, croak, moan or wheeze in minor pain or discomforts
  2. To fuss or complain with audible sounds effects
  3. To make cranky, gasping, ambiguous noises

as a noun
  1. A sound of complaint, discomfort or sadness
  2. Krekhtsing is reserved for secondary discontents or minor ailments.
  3. One should never krekhts for a sound of real pain or genuine tragedy.
  4. You moan a bit and sigh quite often while krekhtsing. A confined grasp-sigh-moan is best.
  5. People who are hypochondriacs krekhts a good deal, as do chronic gripers
  6. Old people krekhts a great deal, especially when the children are around
  7. Note that krekhts is the sound one makes, not the cause thereof.
  8. You may krekhts about something never at someone and it is much more common to use krekhts about someone else than about one's self. For example, “Are you in pain? You've been krekhtsing for an hour.” or “Why are you krekhtsing so much? Is the stock market down again?” or “All he does is read and krekhts.”
  9. The savor of krekhtsing can be enhanced by liberal doses of 'oy'. In fact 'oy' is itself a type of krekhts.

Two men met on the street.
Says the first, “How's business?”
Krekhtsing the second answered, “Eh.”
Well, for this time of year, that's not bad

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A proverb is a short, generally known sentence of the folk which contains wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed and memorizable form and which is handed down from generation to generation

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