Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Taste of Yiddish 8.22

Connect To Your Past Present and Future!!!
85% of the Jews That Perished In The Holocaust Spoke Yiddish!! You Can Extend Their Legacy By Learning Yiddish!! What A Way To Communicate!! You Will Be Able To Proudly Say, My Zeyde and My Bube Spoke Yiddish!! Not Only For Chanukah!! Good All Year Round!!

this week's proverb
אין דער צײַט וואָס די קצבים קריגן זיך אַרום ווער פון זיי וועט שחט'ן, איז די קו דערווײַל געשטאָרבּן

in der tsayt vos di katsovim krign zikh a'rum ver fun zey vet shekhtn, iz di ku dervayl geshtorbn

the proverb actually means
whilst the butchers were arguing over who will be the slaughterer, the cow died.

tranlsate to Hebrew
בזמן שהקצבים התווכחו ביניהם מי ישחט, הפרה בינתיים מתה

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אַ  גוטע וואָך

Chaim Werdyger
Bringing back the Yiddish language

A proverb is a short, generally known sentence of the folk which contains wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed and memorizable form and which is handed down from generation to generation

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