Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Taste of Yiddish 2.43

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(The answers to the exercises are in back of the book)

this week's proverb
פאַראַן מענטשן וואָס פאַרבּרענגען זייער צײַט חלומ'ן וועגן אַלע ערליי זאַכן וואָס זיי וואָלטן געקענט דערגרייכן ווען זיי וואָלטן נישט פאַרבּרענגט זייער צײַט חלומ'ן

faran mentshn vos farbrengen zeyer tsayt kholemn vegn a'le erley zakhn vos zey voltn gekent dergraykhn ven zey voltn nit farbrengt zeyer tsayt kholemn

the proverb actually means
there are people who spend their time dreaming about all sorts of things they could actually accomplish had they not wasted their time dreaming.

translated to Hebrew
ישנם אנשים שמבלים את זמנם בחלומות על כל מיני דברים שיכלו להשיג אלמלא בזבזו את זמנם בחלומות

Yiddish In 10 Lessons”

a 345 page workbook and 2 CD's


 אַ גוטע וואָך 

Chaim Werdyger
Bringing back the Yiddish language

A proverb is a short, generally known sentence of the folk which contains wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed and memorizable form and which is handed down from generation to generation

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