Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yiddish Expressions 3.27

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Express It In Yiddish:
an unsuccessful person, a schlemiel, a good for nothing, a no-goodnik, useless, incompetent, unproductive

ביש גדא, חוסר מזל, שלומיאל, יוצמך, למך, לא טוב לכלום, חסר תועלת, שלימזל

ער טויג נישט צו קידוש, נישט צו הבדלה
er toyg nit tsu kidush, nit tsu havdo'le
he is neither suitable for Kiddush nor for Havdalah
הוא לא מתאים לקידוש ולא להבדלה

Yiddish is rich with expressions. In fact, sometimes the same phrase can be said in a number of different ways. I try to bring the unique ones, where it is is not obvious from the literal translation what the expression means.

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