Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Taste of Yiddish 6.52

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this week's proverbs
דאָס לעבּן איז אַ זיסער חלום און חתונה האָבּן איז דער וועק-זייגער

dos lebn iz a ziser kholem un khase'ne hobn iz der vek-zeyger

the proverb actually means
life is a sweet dream and marriage is the alarm clock

translated to Hebrew
החיים הוא כמו חלום מתוק ולהתחתן הוא שעון המעורר

מ'קען מאַכן דעם חלום גרעסער ווי די נאַכט

m'ken makhn dem kholem greser vi di nakht

in English (exaggeration)
you can make the dream longer than the night

in Hebrew (להגזים)
אפשר לעשות את החלום יותר גדול מהלילה

אויבּ אונדזער גאַנץ לעבּן איז נישט מער ווי אַ חלום, דאַן שלאָפן מיר שוין אַ בּיסעלע צופיל...

oyb undzer gants lebn iz nit mer vi a kholem, dan shlofn mir shoyn a bis'ele tsu fil...

in English
If our whole life is not more than a dream, then we are sleeping a bit too much....

in Hebrew

אם כל החיים שלנו הוא רק חלום, אז אנחנו ישינים קצת יותר מדי...

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אַ גוטע וואָך

Chaim Werdyger
Bringing back the Yiddish language

A proverb is a short, generally known sentence of the folk which contains wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed and memorizable form and which is handed down from generation to generation

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  1. I learned of this blog from and I think it's a start. Many of us survivor children grew up in Yiddish-speaking homes. But since we had to learn English and help teach it to our parents, we understood our parents, but we didn't learn how to speak much Yiddish ourselves, much less how to read and write it.