Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yiddish Expressions 3.23

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Express It In Yiddish:
someone that's brazen, brash, shameless, unabashed, audacious, gall, arrogance, boldness
עזות פנים, עזות מצח, חסר בושה, חצוף, נועז

ער האָט מער חוצפּה ווי געלט
er hot mer khutzpe vi gelt
he has more chutzpah than money
יש לו יותר חוצפה מכסף

אַ ייד האָט 28 פּראָצענט שרעק 2 פּראָצענט צוקער און 70 פּראָצענט חוצפּה
a yid hot 28 protsent shrek, 2 protsent tsuker un 70 protsent khuts'pe
a Jew has 28 percent fear, 2 percent diabetes and 70 percent chutzpah
ליהודי יש 28 אחוז פחד, 2 אחוז סכרת ו70 אחוז חוצפה

Yiddish is rich with expressions. In fact, sometimes the same phrase can be said in a number of different ways. I try to bring the unique ones, where it is is not obvious from the literal translation what the expression means.

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