Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yiddish Expressions 3.12

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    Express It In Yiddish:
    cannot hold a candle to, he is no match for, can't shine his shoes, pales beside him, doesn't begin to measure up
    כאין ואפס לעומתו, מחוויר לעומתו, איך אפשר להשוות בכלל

    ער קומט נישט אָן צו זײַנע פּאַדעשוועס/קנעכל

    er kumt nit on tsu zayne padeshves/knekhl

    he doesn't reach up to his sole/ankle

    הוא לא מגיע לסוליה/קרסוליים שלו

    Yiddish is rich with expressions. In fact, sometimes the same phrase can be said in a number of different ways. I try to bring the unique ones, where it is is not obvious from the literal translation what the expression means.

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