Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yiddish Expressions 2.37

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invest everything one has; all in; every last penny; give it their all; use the best ingredients
להשקיע את הכל, כל כולו בפנים; עד הגרוש האחרון; להשתמש במרכיבים הכי טובים

אַרײַנלייגן דעם טאַטן מיט דער מאַמען

a'rayleygn dem tatn mit der mamen

to put in the father and the mother

להכניס את האבא והאמא

Yiddish is rich with expressions. In fact, sometimes the same phrase can be said in a number of different ways. I try to bring the unique ones, where it is is not obvious from the literal translation what the expression means.

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