Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yiddish Worldwide!!

I am taking a major trip this summer to many countries of the world?

Where are you going?

I am starting out in Europe, The UK, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Italy.
Then to Israel. From there to South Africa. Then off to Hong Kong and finally to Australia. I am actually going to visit the Jewish communities in these countries.

That sounds fantastic!!

I hope so. I just have one major concern. I don't speak all of these languages.

That's easy. Learn to Speak Yiddish and you'll get by everywhere in the world!!

They speak Yiddish in all of these countries?

They sure do!!

That's amazing. I actually know a few Yiddish words. “A shaynem dank”!!

You're welcome. You can now learn the Yiddish language for 60 bucks.

                                          Here's the link:

Unlike most languages, which are spoken by the residents of a particular area or by members of a particular nationality, Yiddish - at the height of its usage - was spoken by millions of Jews of different nationalities all over the globe.
The decimation of European Jewry during the Holocaust in the mid-twentieth century marked the end of Yiddish as a widely spoken language and of the unique culture the language generated. Today, Yiddish can still be heard in many countries all over the world. Yiddish language is now widely studied in the non-Jewish and academic worlds.

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