Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yiddish Expressions 2.32

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trying to convince someone of something that doesn't exist, sell a bill of goods

לנסות לשכנע מישהו על משהו שלא קיים, למכור לוקשים

ווילסט מיר אײַנרעדן אַ קינד אין בּויך?

vilst mir aynredn a kind in boykh?

trying to pursuade me that I'm pregnant?

אתה רוצה לשכנע אותי שאני בהריון?

Yiddish is rich with expressions. In fact, sometimes the same phrase can be said in a number of different ways. I try to bring the unique ones, where it is is not obvious from the literal translation what the expression means.

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